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We all understand the value to our business of producing quality content, but putting this into practice can be an overwhelming task. With so much ‘noise’ in the advertising sphere, how do you stand out when you do not have a big-brand budget? The answer lies in content marketing.

Create | Distribute | Analyse | Repeat

Anyone can create content but without a plan, the content your produce will just be adding to the multitude of digital noise that is readily overlooking by your audience. The key to successful content marketing is to create valuable, authentic and relevant content.

How To Create Your Own Content

There are a variety of options for creating valuable, authentic and relevant content, but before you get started you should first consider the following four areas:

What is your mission?
Why are you in this business? What do you do daily to help customers? What are your business goals?

Who is your core audience?
What gender, age, lifestyle and background are your audience? What matters to them? What information are they looking for? What is the desired action you want them to take? Write down specific customer personas to better visualise your audience.

What is your story and core messages?
Having a story helps your audience to engage and connect with your business on an emotional level. Every business has a story, sharing yours helps to show the human side of your brand.

Buyers Persona

What channels can you use to distribute your content?
There are a range of social network channels that you could use, but the relevant ones are those that your identified core audience are likely to use. Share content on up to five channels, but choose two as your key focus. Become an expert in these two channels, learn to better understand when your audience is most active and what types of content they respond to.

How To Distribute Your Content

Content is king, but distribution is equally important. Content only shared on one channel in one format is a wasted opportunity. Look for ways to recycle and repurpose your content and share it on all relevant social networks.

How Can You Start Producing Valuable Content?

A fantastic form of content marketing is to interview experts. We have executed this exact strategy in-house with our ‘Hot Seat’ series. Not only is this a great opportunity to learn from experts in your field, but it is an incredibly fruitful source of quality content at a very low cost. Here’s how to get more than a month’s worth of daily content from a 20-minute interview.

Step 1. Find an expert in your industry who is willing to spend 20-30 minutes of their time taking part in an interview.

Step 2. Using the best recording equipment you have to hand, even if it is simply your mobile phone, record the interview and take plenty of behind the scenes images.

Step 3. Create a social media story to let your audience know what you’ve been doing.

Step 4. Release a pre-launch teaser.

Step 5. Launch the full video.

Step 6. Create short Q&A style videos out of your longer video.

Step 7. Write a blog post about the interview.

Step 8. Isolate the audio and create a podcast version of the interview.

Step 9. Create 15 social media posts based on the interview. Highlighting quotes is a great way to do this.

Step 10. Email your contacts inviting them to watch.

Step 11. Share snippets on your personal social media accounts.

Step 12. Ask other bloggers to view and share your content.

Step 13. Ask your interviewee to share all content on their social media.

20 minute interview = 30+ pieces of valuable content

Analyse Your Content

After distributing your content, it is incredibly important to analyse how well it performed. The best way to do this? Listen to your audience – your clients, your colleagues, everyone. Read the comments on your social media channels and respond to ALL of them. Good or bad, respond to the views of your audience and take it as a learning opportunity. Be navigated by the feedback of your audience. Ask them what other content would help them – then act on it.

Last But Not Least, Repeat

Maintaining your content marketing strategy is critical to the process. Without consistent content, you will struggle to gain momentum and fail to see the benefits of your hard work.

Content marketing is about understanding your audience, knowing your value, and playing the long game. In a world eager to be the next viral sensation, providing valuable, relevant and authentic content will set you apart.

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