YouTube Marketing

We help brands and business reach and connect with their audience on YouTube,
by creating impactful content and targeting video ads to drive action.

Pay to Promote YouTube Video


Whether you’re trying to attract, acquire new customers, or build a loyal audience, you need to create relevant content for each stage of your customers’ journey.

What we create:
• Bumper ads
• Promotional videos
• Case study videos
• Sales videos
• Explainer videos
• Channel branding assets
• Landing pages


Whether you want to reach your audience on YouTube, grow your channel subscribers, re-engage your website visitors, or display your video ads on third-party websites, our certified team will make sure that you get the best results out of your budget.

What we do:
• Video marketing strategies
• Advertising campaigns
• YouTube advertising management
• Budget spend monitoring and optimization
• Video Remarketing
• Monthly analytics reporting

Paid Advertising
YouTube Paid Ads


YouTube is a great platform to grow your followers and build a community organically. Through advanced Video SEO tactics, content and channel optimization, your videos can rank higher, rapidly increase views, increase your brand’s visibility, and surpass the competition.

What we do:
• Channel audits
• Video SEO
• Optimize video thumbnails
• Re-purpose video content
• Content and channel optimization
• In-depth analytics
• Trend alerts
• Competitors monitoring


With an in-depth analysis, we can help you understand how your channel and videos are performing, what content your audience is looking for and plan a content creation strategy based on the findings.

What we’ll analyze:
• Full channel audit
• Content performance
• Demographics & psychographics
• Viewers’ behavior and preferences
• Traffic sources
• SEO performance
• Paid adverts performance

YouTube Paid Promotion