An alternative to traditional video which aims to educate and engage. A real game-changer that out performs other forms of media. Imagine an experience as immersive as navigating a website.

Welcome to the future of video!


Control Viewer


Interactive video allows prospects and users to control their journey and view content which is relevant to them. That way, viewers have a perfect personalized path. This creates an element of surprise which engages users and makes their experience memorable.

Provide Engaging Interactive Experiences

Interactive video provides engaging experiences by enabling customers to click on elements of your video. They will be able to send items to wishlists, buy items, or even decide in what order to view the content.

Customised Viewing Experiences

Each user can create their own unique way of viewing and interacting with your video content. Whether by adding favourites, or clicking shoppable elements, or simply replaying sections of the video. No two visits will be the same!


Sales & Marketing

Provides a guided innovative experience during the buyer’s decision-making process, shortening sales cycles. Interactive video maps out the buyer’s journey and shows them only relevant content they will be interested in. Viewers can navigate their own perfectly customised path.

Employee Engagement

Can be used to motivate employees to take important training. Video becomes more personal and relevant promoting longterm retention of information. Attention is retained and chosen sections can be replayed.


Useful to attract talent, integrate and train new staff. Allows clear communication of complex information internally & externally. Delivers complex content enabling a personalised user experience to reinforce learning.

Endless possibilities

Hotspots can be embedded, to take a user different elements or allow buttons to be clicked. Platforms can be full customised and cross platform capability for use on all devices. We use robust technology and can integrate video intelligence gained with your marketing systems.


Cancer awareness interactive video

Interactive videos give viewers the power of choice. We created a health awareness video which appeals for males and females, however viewers can choose view what is relevant to them and an option to contact for more information.

eLearning Videos

We can create chaptered videos which enable viewers to navigate and watch content which is relevant to them. This can also help to measure and analyse which parts of the content is most relevant to your audience.


Wistia Agency Partner

In 2016 we became a certified Wistia Agency Partner. This puts us in a better position to continuously learn on how to run full video marketing campaigns for our clients and how to use video to drive incredible results.

Hapyak – Certified Agency

We are certified by Hapyak to produce interactive videos using their platform. This enables us to continuously train on how to best use interactive technology and to keep on creating more innovative interactive videos.


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