Interactive Video – The Future of Business Videos

31 May

Are you struggling with capturing your audience’s attention and having low conversion rates?
Engaging your customers and prospects is a challenge that most companies face all the time.

Interactive videos can help you take your viewer’s experience to whole new level, maximize leads, sales, traffic and profits.

Hi there! This is Jeff from Room4Media and today I’m gonna show you: how to transform your videos from a linear experience to one that is highly interactive, how to get your viewers actively involved with your video content and how to increase your conversion rates using Interactive Videos.


Interactive Video is a digital video that supports user interactions inside the video itself.

Let’s explore a couple of interactivity options.


Clickable hotspots will take your viewers to another part of the same video, another video or a website.

Clickable eCommerce ‘Buy Now’ buttons will take your viewers directly to their shopping cart. This will make it easier for viewers to purchase the products that they liked directly from the video.


Interactive videos allow your viewers to watch what is relevant to them. This is also an opportunity for companies to create pre-design paths that will lead your viewers to take specific action during the experience, based on their preferences.


With interactive videos you could also have contact forms embedded within the video that will send the collected data to an assigned email address or directly to your CRM. Email sign-up forms could be also added to help you grow your mailing list.

You could also have clickable social media subscribe, follow and like buttons. This will allow you to grow your fan base.


Interactive videos can provide you with valuable data on your viewers such as retention rates, clicked options, conversions rates and generated revenue.

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