5 Metrics to Measure the Success of Your Videos

21 May

With so much data and analytics available, how do you accurately measure the success of your videos? What kinds of metrics should you keep an eye on and how do you track them?

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Video views are most probably what marketers look at first, but they’re not always the best way to track progress towards your goals.

Today I’ll guide you through 5 important video metrics that will help you to track how your videos are performing.


Setting video goals is a vital step in your video marketing campaigns.

This will give you a clear direction on what you need to focus on for your campaigns to be more effective.

Based on that, you will identify which metrics will apply to track and measure such objectives. Let go briefly through them.


Total plays:
This is the simplest but most deceptive metric of all.

Total plays shows you the raw number of people who clicked the play button on your video, no matter for how long they watched the video.

This metric is ideal to measure reach, however you cannot determine how effective and engaging your video is.


Play Rate is the percentage of page visitors who clicked the play button and started watching your video.

Play rate is calculated by taking the total number of plays and divide it by the video load rate. This will help you determine if the video is embedded in the right place and how attractive your video thumbnail is.

If you’re getting low play rates you might want to consider, having your video in a more prominent location, making the embedded video bigger and having a more engaging thumbnail.


Engagement shows you how much of your video your viewers watched, and is expressed as a percentage. This is the main indicator that tells you how relevant your video is to your viewers and can help you to easily identify at which point your viewers start losing interest or which parts are being skipped.This will also help you place call-to-action buttons and other interactive elements more strategically during the video.


Social Sharing shows how your video content is being shared across social media channels.

Sharing content leads to more video views, reaching new audience and can help you determine how excited your audience is about your content and brand.


Conversion is the number of actions taken during or after video viewing, these could be CTA’s and annotations clicked, leads generated ect.

This metric is a little trickier to track, and you will probably require a dedicated video player such as Wistia, Vidyard, Sprout video ect.

Conversion Rate is a vital metric to measure the ROI that your videos are generating.


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