We partnered with Conservation X Labs to help them with marketing and communications activities for the second round of the Artisanal Mining Grand Challenge. We had two audience segments, the innovators and the general public. Our main challenge was to invite innovators in the region to participate in this challenge. We also wanted to make the general public aware of why this challenge is taking place and how innovation acceleration will help communities around the Amazon region.

Our press team did an outreach to invite journalists to cover the event and help us generate awareness about the challenge. We targeted national, regional, and local community press to ensure we spread the word as much as possible. Our team trained our client’s spokespersons that were invited to talk about the event on TV, radio, and online portals.
Given the sensitivity of this subject, we had 24/7 brand and press monitoring to review all mentions and address any misinformation and negative comments.

We got featured and mentioned in 122 publications (mainly tier 1 and tier 2) on TV, radio, and online portals spread over 5 different countries and have a total audience reach of 118 million. Our spokesperson were interviewed on 15 channels across 5 countries. In total, we managed to get more than an ROI of $47,000 worth of free press.


Editorial content creation: spokesperson profiles, press releases, statements, positions, specialized articles, columns, decalogues, presentations, executive reports.

Advice on the completion of the content prepared by the organization.

Follow-up to publications.

Getting interviews.

Identification of media positioning opportunities.

Advice in situations of media crisis and damage to reputation.

Advice on strategic alliances for communication issues.