Mordor Staffing is a Colombian-based company that aimed to establish itself in the highly competitive recruitment industry. Their goal was to build a digital community that would connect top-notch bilingual talent with leading North American companies


Mordor Staffing faced fierce competition in the recruitment industry and needed to establish a strong online presence to attract qualified candidates for their job openings. The company wanted to create a digital community that would resonate with bilingual audiences and differentiate themselves from their competitors.


Our team worked closely with Mordor Staffing to develop a comprehensive strategy to achieve their goals. After an in-depth digital audit and roadmap planning, we started with social media marketing, utilizing Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to create engaging content that highlighted the benefits of working with Mordor Staffing. Our team leveraged content that pointed out the injustices and exploitative work environment that Colombians tend to experience, highlighting how Mordor Staffing could provide a better work environment and income in US dollars.


The campaign’s results were remarkable engagement surpassed the competition month over month. In just two months, Mordor Staffing’s social media pages reached over 590,000 people, gaining 683 new followers, and generating 904 engagements. The campaign also resulted in 309 new qualified candidates for the company, allowing talented bilingual individuals in Colombia to connect with top North American companies and earn income in US dollars.

With our digital marketing agency’s help, Mordor Staffing established a robust online presence, reached a larger audience, and attracted more qualified candidates for their job openings. Our strategy’s success demonstrated the power of social media and content marketing and its ability to connect businesses with their target audience effectively. Mordor Staffing is now well-positioned to achieve its goals in the highly competitive recruitment industry.


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