Taking Advantage of your Business Video

27 Sep

Congratulations! You have decided to produce video content. Now we want to give you some ideas on how you could maximise the potential of your video content. 

  • On your website: This is probably the most obvious choice. Nowadays visitors expect a play button especially on a landing page. Videos also decrease the bounce rate.
  • In email campaigns: Statistic shows that emails that include a video thumbnail with a play button can increase the click through rate by 50%.
  • Training: Video is an excellent tool for training, welcoming and onboarding new employees. Training will become more engaging and memorable. With video you can also guarantee that the message goes out always consistent.
  • Sales and marketing: Videos are a very powerful tool for your sales and marketing team. Different videos can be used throughout the different stages of the sales cycle and engagement can be easily tracked. Engagement tracking can give your sales team indispensable insights to measure and score leads and prospects.
  • Offline: Videos can be also used during all offline activities such as sales presentations, fairs, exhibitions, expos and internal TV channels.
  • Social networks: Did you think we’d forget to mention them? The video consumption on social networks increases every day, so we strongly recommend that you to take advantage of this free communication channel.
  • Advertising: Video can be used for all kinds of advertising. Gone are the days where TV was the only option to advertise using video. Nowadays there are 100’s of platforms which allow cost effective video ads.

These are just a few ways how video could be used. At Room4 Media, we first develop a video strategy, taking into account all the above, then we create video content according to the defined strategy.

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