How we create motion graphics and animation – A very simple process

12 Apr

Creating video and animation content is very effective way to inform, educate, entertain and communicate with your audience. Here at Room4 Media follow a proven simple production process that works and that enables us to keep you involved at each and every stage of this process. We understand that not all of our clients are aware of how we create motion graphics and animation, therefore we wrote this article to help you understand it better.

For animation projects, we follow a proven and simple production process that works and that enables us to keep our involved at each and every stage of this process.

1. Pre-production stage
This is where the briefing, planning and organising takes place. We will discuss your requirements in detail and write down a creative brief. This will include your objectives, your target audience, deadlines and budget. We will then go through it together in further detail and discuss the different options we can offer you.

2. Initial concept
We will conduct our own research on the subject and start brainstorming for different ideas. We will then choose the best creative direction and present you a proposal.

3. Visual style
We will then develop the visual style, be it illustration 2D, 3D, film or a mixture of all.  At this stage we will also review your branding guidelines to make sure that it does not break any of your brand rules and that it complements well with your strategies.

4. Script Writing
We work with a team of copywriters and scriptwriters that are experienced in writing for animation and film. Our aim is to write scripts which are concise, straight to the point and communicates clearly your messages.

5. Storyboard
We create hand drawn frames that will include a description of what is happening in each scene and how the animation flows from one scene to the next.

6. Voice Over
When the script is signed off, we will propose three voice over artists which we feel are suitable for the project.

7. Design
At this stage we will start creating and preparing the artwork for the animation. We use various traditional and digital techniques to create beautifully crafter work. If the project involves 3D animation, we will do all the 3D modelling and prepare all the graphical elements for animation.

8. Animation
This is the stage where we start animating all the different graphical elements start coming together. We will show you a draft animation to make sure that you are happy with the rhythm and animation style and then move on to animate all graphics to create the full piece. At this stage we will also get the music composer and sound designer on board to start working on the animation.

9. Delivery
Once the animation is signed off, we will deliver according to your technical specifications depending on where you plan to show it, be it for broadcast, on-line or mobile.

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