How TheSynapse are using medical videos for e-Learning

13 May
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In a world which is constantly pushing towards a mentality where information must be readily-accessible and graphically-represented, video has become one of the leading means of communication. The rise of the internet has led to a soaring increase in the amount of video content being shared between peers from all over the world. Truthfully, the click of a button gives us instantaneous access to another part of our world.

It is in this spirit that TheSynapse has embarked on a bold project to facilitate the transfer of medical information from the specialist to all the of its members and beyond. The ultimate aim is to allow the specialists being featured on film to speak about their field of interest in an environment which promotes openness, dialogue and mutual interest in one’s own research topics.

A 15-minute video can easily be played between one task and another, but it provides the viewer with an immeasurable amount of useful information, which will hopefully guide one’s clinical practice in his or her professional life.

A picture is worth a thousand words. And a video may be worth much, much more. TheSynapse’s eLearning initiative has sought to start utilising this important resource. It’s prospects to educate its members keeps on growing, one episode after another.

Examples of e-Learning interviews created for TheSynapse

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