How to get your videos discovered and rank better on YouTube

02 May

Video Transcript

Today we are going to show you how get your videos discovered and rank better on YouTube.

Identify your keywords so your videos could be found on youTube
Write a short, intriguing and compelling title that briefly describes what your video is about. Title should include your targeted keywords
Write a detailed description that tells your viewers why your video is important to watch and make sure that it includes your keywords. Note that only the first 3 lines are displayed on youtube so any links and call to actions should be placed at the top.

Add relevant meta tags, this helps Youtube categorize your video. This helps users find your video through SEO.

Add a custom Thumbnail for the video that is consistent with your brand so your target audience could easily identify your videos. Include subtitles and closed captions, this will boost your Youtube SEO and it will be easier for viewers to watch in a noisy or quiet environment.

Encourage feedback, comments and questions, this will give your channel authority and helps you build a community.

Add end cards at the end of the video, these will help you promote your content, channel and even drive traffic to your website.

If you want to learn more about how video can help you jump start your marketing efforts, contact us now and we’ll get in touch with you.

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