Marketing Trends for 2020

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Modern technology is evolving rapidly, effortlessly connecting people from all over the world. Keeping up with this evolution is paramount to succeeding in a digital age.

Marketing and consumer behaviour are forever changing and as an agency, we prioritise keeping abreast of these changes by monitoring trending topics, industry updates, new marketing techniques, consumer needs, purchase behaviour, and changes to the digital algorithms. For this year’s report, we focused on primary insights and conducted a survey of business owners and marketers to learn more about the challenges, trends, and successes they encountered in 2019, and their intentions for 2020.

In this article you will learn:

  • • The biggest marketing challenges businesses are facing right now
  • • Methods of generating new business opportunities
  • • How companies are using content for their marketing campaigns
  • • Marketing technology and trends for 2020

1. What are your biggest marketing challenges right now?

Marketing Challenge

Leads, without a doubt, are the lifeblood of any business. A healthy business needs a steady flow of new customers to thrive and grow, followed by a well-positioned brand, great customer service, and an outstanding reputation.

Therefore, in 2020 we need to get hands-on to create effective ways of reducing the time a prospect spends considering your offer, and accelerating his/her purchase decision.

A successful lead generation strategy considers communications from the customer’s point-of-view throughout their typical customer journey. We recommend a full review of all the tools and platforms you use to make sure they are the right ones and that they allow you to track and monitor the customer’s journey and engage with them at different digital touch points.

2. Over the past six months, which methods have generated the most business opportunities?

Lead Generation Tools

In today’s era of digital marketing, PPC campaigns have been proven to be one of the best platforms for online advertising. Most companies are aware of, or are already using, advertising platforms to target their audience with ads online.

However, high-quality content allows businesses to show their expertise and be seen as an authority in the space in which they operate. For this reason, organic search and social media presence continues to grow year after year as an important source of lead generation and brand awareness.

So, creating high-quality content is a must in 2020, and when it comes to format, video content continues to prove that it is the most effective way to connect with an audience. It’s no secret that video has become a must-have content type in today’s B2B and B2C organizations. With video, businesses can deliver messages, engage with the viewer and inspire them to take action. Simply put, video content is the future of digital engagement.

3. If you are already creating content, what is your number one goal?

Content Creation

The need to focus on the customer experience is higher than ever. Consumers expect a more human connection with brands, and social media is a great platform for brands to maintain customer relationships, while also having the opportunity to be found by new prospects. But if you want to consistently generate higher quality leads, then you need to create valuable and relevant content to engage your audience.

Customers consume, share, and engage with content during their purchasing decisions. Social media content can be quickly generated and consumed in a very short time, which allows people to learn about new brands and get to know their value faster than ever before. However, in order to get the results you need to grow your business, you must know exactly which type of content marketing lead generation tactics actually work.

To do so, your content must educate, inspire, and be worth sharing. Create a high-value lead magnet for your different distribution channels, optimize your blog around your audience’s needs and pain points, and combine all that with a great nurturing strategy that inspires prospects to rely on your help and guidance.

4. What would you like to try out during 2020?

Marketing Tools 2020

Customers are tired of the same generic ads and we know that video content provides enthusiasm and engagement from viewers. As video production continues to rank as one of the most important types of content for lead generation strategies, we can expect that more brands continue to dedicate resources towards video in their marketing strategies during 2020.

However, it isn’t only the scaling of video production that will help create a higher volume of leads in the year to come, it will also be important for enterprises to stay on top of their email marketing strategies heading into the next decade. While traditional email marketing is seeing a decline in effectiveness, integrating personalized email into a full marketing plan will improve the information analysis, cross-channel optimization and even pave the way for machine learning. This type of marketing tech is becoming more mainstream and accessible, even to smaller businesses.

Personalized marketing is still a new trend, but it has evolved greatly over the last few years thanks to the power of technologies like AI and machine learning. Segmented email lists are one of the most popular ways to personalize your online marketing efforts and platforms like MailChimp, Keap, and Marketo, or even HubSpot and Pardot, are betting high on the power of segmentation and personalization.

So, make 2020 the year you personalize your marketing.

The Future of Digital Marketing

Immersive technologies and smart tech are changing the way brands engage with customers and audiences. Users are getting savvier, so personalized experiences, interactivity and relevant messages are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to their expectations. To stay ahead of the curve and increase both your lead generation abilities and your revenue in the coming years, you will need to excel at understanding your audience, interpreting their needs and finding solutions.

Here is a list of key trends that are forecast to arise in 2020 and could guide your marketing strategies:

  • • Social media influencer marketing
  • • AI tech for personalization
  • • Voice search
  • • Chatbots
  • • Marketing automation
  • • Hyper-targeted advertising
  • • Social media shoppable posts
  • • VR & AR

Businesses need to stay on top of the major developments and latest trends and leverage their impact on marketing to drive business growth. Playing the long-game, not taking shortcuts, and creating customer experiences based on high-quality content will help you focus on interactivity, emotional connections, and authenticity for your brand.

Marketing in 2020 is going to be both challenging and exciting, but by offering value and engaging with users you could have a profound impact on your business’s success.

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