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Although, Room4 Media has traditionally been an animation studio focusing on motion graphics design and post-production, recently we started offering online video marketing and video optimization for our clients. This is a response to feedback from our clients who were asking us how to ensure that their video content was seen by their target audiences and giving them back the expected results.

At Room4 Media, we are renowned for the way which we produce bespoke tailor-made animated video content for businesses of all sizes, but especially start-ups. We help start-ups to hit the ground running and start building a receptive audience quickly. We create a range of animated video content ranging from explainer videos to website videos, sales videos and presentation videos, but are now also able to offer a video marketing service to make the created video content work for businesses of any size and industries.
We create video content for our clients that influences, engages, educates and entertains. However, our new online video marketing service means that we can now also publish, measure and optimise content rigorously until the desired results are achieved.

Who Can Benefit From Our Services

We work closely with Marketing Directors and executives to come up with strategies that work for their business, that are measured and get results. We are also promising that we keep on optimising the video content until it works for your business. We are also waiting to hear from start-ups that require video content or help with marketing existing video content.

The Importance of Video Content

Virtually every company wishing to sell itself online requires video content today. More and more companies are feeling the benefits of producing video content – or having a video produced for them. Video engages audiences, helps them feel closer to your brand, creates exposure and drives sales. It gives businesses a “human face” and represents a healthy return-on-investment.

Online videos tend to win a much bigger audience than your average blog post. Video tends to arouse high feelings amongst its audience. Watching a video requires much less effort than reading a blog post featuring largely the same information. The human touch that video brings helps companies to encourage audiences to trust them. Featuring real people from your team in your video makes this level of trust even stronger. This trust can give you a significant edge over your competitors.

Videos don’t need to be long to win the trust of your demographic. In fact, short attention spans mean that most companies decide to stick to videos of around one or two minutes in length. By ending your videos with a call-to-action, you can get viewers subscribing to your online channels and therefore make the relationship stronger. You can use a series of videos to tell a story – short previews of what to expect from your next video heighten the chances of viewers returning for future content.

Not all videos have to be funny, but light-hearted clips can make your company seem more approachable. Creative videos that really capture your audience’s imagination may go viral and lead to much more exposure than you were expecting. If you don’t run your own in-house video production team, our company can help you develop even the vaguest of ideas and turn them into online animated videos that really do engage your potential customers.

More Exposure Than You Ever Dreamed Of

YouTube and other video sites have helped companies from all around the world gain exposure and convert viewers to buyers without going over their budget. Even when a video is relatively cheap to make, if it is creative and engaging enough, it can be seen by a huge audience. More than a billion unique people use YouTube every month. Video marketing content is very different from the commercials that you might see on television. Whilst you can’t simply upload a commercial and expect people to subscribe in droves, interesting and informative content can help you establish your business as a leading reputable player in your field.

Engage When They’re On the Move

People can watch your videos no matter where they are, unlike in the past when they usually had to be at home to see them. People may view your content in cafes, on trains and whilst they are outside. Internet users are more likely to opt for video content over text when they are outside to avoid straining their eyes. Over the last few years, the amount of collective time spent watching online videos on smartphones and tablets has increased dramatically. Once you’ve uploaded a great video, chances are that people will share it on Facebook and Twitter and create more exposure for it on your behalf. It’s no wonder so many businesses are seeing the advantages of online video unfold before their very eyes.

Forms of Online Video Marketing

There are various styles of video that you can experiment with. These include video testimonials, product/explainer videos, “meet the team” clips, about us videos, interview videos, animated clips and how-to videos. Some videos might feature trusted celebrities telling your audience what your company can do for them. All of these types of videos have the same purpose: to build trust, show what makes your company unique and drive sales.

Let’s take a look at the various types of marketing videos that you might wish to explore.

Product / Service explainer videos allow you to showcase your products and services and emphasise what they can do for your audience. Short, concise explainer videos outline the benefits of your products to your target audience clearly and powerfully. Videos are also being embedded to e-mails. When the word ‘video’ is included in your subject title, there’s a big chance that the reader will decide to watch it.

Online animated videos are also powerful tools when it comes to winning customers over and creating exposure. They give you the opportunity to bring your branding to life whilst showing how ambitious you are. Online animated videos can help viewers to see your company in a whole new light and treat them to a series of eye-catching moving images. Team up with a reputable animated video company and you’ll be able to benefit from high-quality animated videos that lead to associations with creativity and integrity.

Online animated videos appeal to viewers of all ages whilst helping you to target potential collaborators and investors. Animated clips are also more cost-effective than you might expect and tend to have an exceptional sharing rate. When animation is done well, the benefits can be significant. They can also help you convey important information and stats in a powerful way that really does engages your audience and help you get key facts across. What’s more is that you are only limited by your imagination when you opt for animated videos.

Video testimonials are being seen as much more effective than their text-based counterparts. Videos from satisfied customers help you to gain more exposure and are always likely to be shared. The more your videos are shared, the more the search engines are likely to treat you well and reward you with higher rankings, which of course also mean greater exposure and make it easier for your customers to find you. Video testimonials can answer any questions your audience may have quickly and reassure any potential customers or clients. Audiences tend to see them as more credible than text-based testimonials.

Meet-the-team videos also help you to win the trust of your customers and give your company a human face. You may wish to produce several meet-the-team videos, each focussing on a different important team member, explaining what their role is and showcasing how your company works. If you’re worried that your company seems too “faceless”, a meet-the-team clip could make all the difference.

About us pages are one of the most important parts of a website, but about us videos are even more valuable. An about us video may feature interesting contributions from your team as well as footage of your business interiors and clips of your team at work. About us videos also play a vital role in bringing customers closer to your brand and encourage them to choose you over your competitors. They outline your company history, tell your market what your values are and explain your plans for the future. They tell viewers exactly what you do, provide authenticity and should include invite them to get in touch to learn more. About us videos are worth their weight in gold when it comes to building up rapport. They reassure would-be customers that they are dealing with a real business as opposed to a less-than-scrupulous, anonymous organisation.

Interview videos come in many forms. Interview clips may involve questions being posed to bosses, frontline staff, customers or clients. These clips need to be informative and answer key questions whilst providing useful information that viewers may have never thought to ask. In-depth interviews help customers learn more about companies and how they work, how they treat their customers and how happy their staff are. Again, it seems that today’s internet users are more likely to watch an interview than read one in its entirety. Interview videos may feature footage of a company’s day-to-day activities to illustrate what is being said in the clip. The videos may also feature experts from your company offering their valuable take on an industry-specific topic.

How Room4 Media Can Help

You can count on Room4 to help you develop any video idea and bring it to life.
At Room4 Media, we don’t just make eye-catching videos that stimulate your audience into choosing you over the competition; we make sure they are seen too. We do this in a series of ways including finding appropriate places to post them to ensure they are viewed by as many people as possible. We also use SEO techniques to ensure that they appear in search results when relevant terms are entered. We’re seeing more and more videos appear in Google search results where conventional web pages would usually have been, largely because of the importance and power of video.

Marketing Your Video Content

We identify powerful keywords to ensure that your content can be found. Our keyword-rich descriptions ensure that videos shoot up the rankings, and we also make sure links to your website appear in your video and on the video pages in order to send viewers back to your site. We also use tags to help your video be found whilst building your channel’s presence online constantly. We make sure that your YouTube channel is a good visual match for your usual branding and website, essentially treating it with as much respect as your main site.

We Boost Your Audience

We also increase your viewer rate by creating playlists and adding calls to action wherever we can. We make sure your followers are notified whenever a new video is uploaded, by alerting them not only through social media but on your website and via e-mail too. We leave no stone unturned when it comes to optimising your view and share rates.

We Encourage Sharing

We also make it easy for others to share your video with minimum effort to heighten exposure levels and improve its chances of being found in a search. We are always looking for new video marketing techniques, with our expert team constantly keeping themselves updated with the latest trends and changes to services in order to deliver a service that constantly gets results.

We Use a Range of Services

Our team make the most of online platforms new and old to boost your exposure levels and help you reach the audience you’re looking for. We constantly analyse the success of our strategies via tools like YouTube’s and Wistia’s analytics so we know what’s working and what needs to be tweaked in real-time. These video marketing tools tell us who is viewing your videos, where they are coming from and how they are engaging with your video content. This information allows us to continue to boost your campaigns and see which types of videos were the most popular and effective. Finally, we consistently analyse metrics in order to see how your content is being responded to.

At Room4 Media, we can help you create stunning, shareable and engaging online animated videos, boost your online presence, generate leads, drive sales and become one of the leading players in your field. Talk to us today to see what we can create for your business and how it can help your business grow.

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