Content Distribution Explained: What is it, and How it works

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Creating a content strategy filled with great ideas isn’t enough these days. It’s not just how you create content but how you execute it and distribute it. No matter how original and cool your posts are, they may be a waste of potential if you do not have a detailed plan to distribute them.

This is when Content Distribution enters the game. Your content grid is ready, and everything is planned and prepared to publish, but how will you make the most out of your content? If you have different channels and you spend your content assets by posting once in a different channel every time, keep reading this blog to find out what Content Distribution is, which types of content you can distribute, and how to apply it to your strategies.

What is Content Distribution?

As Hubspot defines it, Content distribution is the process of sharing, publishing, and promoting your content. In other words, it is how you deliver content to your audience through various channels, touchpoints, and media formats.

Before you create content, you should think about how to distribute it. You must know where and how to publish and promote your content from the very start, and also consider the options of content repurposing you can apply; this way, you’ll aim for exactly what was set on your goals.

Content distribution is a way to make the most out of every content asset and amplify its impact on the audience. You’ll need two key elements to start applying: content and channels. But the options are endless!

Types of content to distribute in your strategy

There are about 14 channels to distribute content. However, content does not position itself overnight; in the long term, it can work well, as long as the content is relevant, original, and powered by processes like SEO. So, from the list of channels available, how to choose and use them for Content distribution?
According to, blogging is the most efficient channel and the center of concentration of most content formats. Whether you’re using a blog or any other network, remember once you publish, you must take advantage of the variety of channels you count on to distribute content or amplify its reach.

Some of the channels you can lean on for Content distribution are:

– Social media
– E-mail marketing
– Website
– Blogging
– Webinars
– Podcasts

And they could be more or less depending on your company’s size and goals. Once you’re clear about which channels are available, it’s time to classify them according to how you can distribute them. There are three main types of distribution channels, and Semrush explains each one of them like this:

Owned channels:

these are the channels your brand owns and controls—for example, your website, blog, email newsletter, and social media accounts.

Earned channels:

also known as “shared” channels, these are those third-parties channels that distribute your content or content about you through the press, guest articles, retweets, shares, or reviews.

Paid channels:

includes pay-per-click (PPC), paid social advertisements, and paid influencer content.

How to distribute your content like a pro?

Now that we know what Content Distribution is, the question you must be asking to yourself is: How? No worries! shares five steps to follow and start applying Content Distribution like a pro in your strategy.

Explore your options

More is more? Not really. When distributing your content it is all about choosing what’s best. Make sure to evaluate the benefit of each channel before you share your content there, and select the ones that suit your goals best. Remember, you don’t have to be everywhere unless you’re going to do it right.

Choose the main distribution channel

When you own a channel, It’s much easier to control the flow of information and analyze the traffic you generate. Create a website, company blog, a digital flipbook, or optimize the ones you have. The best way to start applying Content distribution is with a single marketing channel on the media platform you own and then expand to other content distribution platforms to get more traffic and reach a wider audience.

Prioritize content

Take a second look at your existing content assets and realize which content pieces you already have that are worth sharing and have the potential to deliver results on a specific channel.
You can also prioritize content by doing the content creation and distribution plan together. This way your editorial calendar will be aligned with both objectives.

Select your channels

This is the core of Content distribution. Select the channels considering the ones that your audience is most likely to engage with, this will maximize your reach and help you save budget if you are using paid channels. In addition, to choose them even more accurately, you could also review or request some analytics data to evaluate the potential of each channel.

Once you choose your channels, set the content format that best matches the platform and your interests. The final thing to do is to click on publish. For example, a video less than 1 minute long can be uploaded on YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, and Instagram. A blog article on your website can be shared on Twitter and LinkedIn. And with an email marketing tool, you’ll be able to automate your content to a database and reach potential customers.

Track and measure your strategy

Every strategy you create should be measurable. Measuring helps us recognize where we’re going and what success might look like when we get there. Your Content distribution strategy should involve content key performance indicators (KPIs). Some of the metrics you’d like to keep track of are:

– Traffic/reach
– Engagement
– Top Content
– Impact
– Sentiment

Let us maximize the potential and longevity of your content

Content distribution is a key element in the big picture of marketing. It takes some research, testing, and analytics. However, once you master it, results will pay off. Put these Content distribution tips into practice and you’ll be opening a new door for improving the performance of your content strategy.

Still don’t know where to start? At Room4 Media, we walk you through every step of Content distribution or any other marketing process. Our services include strategy, social media, paid advertising, video marketing, content creation, and distribution. How do we do it? With a highly specialized team, methodologies, and proven marketing hacks.

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