7 Steps to Create Powerful Marketing Campaigns

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A few months ago we interviewed Douglas Karr from Martech zone where he shared his views on marketing tactics & strategies.

The most important stage of your marketing strategy: ensuring a good execution.

Based on that goal, Karr came up with a 7 step checklist you can go through to run a successful marketing campaign and make sure you’re making the most of your strategy.

Let’s go through them

1. Know Your Audience

This one is from the ‘too obvious’ category. It is quite intuitive, but it might surprise you how many people cannot tell objectively who their target audience is.

The first thing you should ask yourself is: who is the audience for this marketing campaign? Or better, who is the ideal customer?

And if you can’t tell exactly what kind of customer makes up your audience, then you will be starting on the wrong foot.

2. Where is your audience?

This is similar to the first question, but it touches upon a different point. It is important to know the demographics of your target audience.

For example, maybe your audience consists of older professionals who are more active on LinkedIn than other platforms.

So it just makes sense to embed the video on your website or share it through LinkedIn besides YouTube.

3. Plan your resources accordingly

Say you spent thousands of dollars in marketing. Now, can you take the influx of new customers?

There’s no point in spending so much in advertising if you cannot handle the end product of your campaigns: new consumers!

4. Coordinate your efforts to distribution processes

Once you invest your resources on advertising, you will need to find a channel to promote your product. Would you do a press release or share a video on social media?

Some companies produce something great but they don’t coordinate well enough with their resources to generate the push the content might need.

So, coordinate across mediums and strategies. You should make use of all other resources that can, in some way or another, help your marketing campaign.

5. How are we going to measure whether we’re successful?

That’s when you use your tools for tracking people back on those early mentioned touchpoints

For example, you may use URL tracking, call tracking, URL campaign tracking, events tracking… etc.

All of those things can paint a picture for you of how your consumer’s journey worked out.

6. How long does it take to know if we’re successful?

Sometimes you don’t know for a year how your newly created website is doing. For advertising, it can be very difficult to make a clear-cut time frame where you can measure the efficiency of the campaign.

What you can do is measure how did the campaign go in time frames of days, weeks and months. Then you can measure how much progress is being made in each of them.

7. Learn from what you did and optimize

A lot of marketing results in failures, but your worries should lie on how to make the best out of them.

Everything you do you should write down and learn from it: what did I do well and not so well?

Next time you will be able to correct your mistakes and improve what you got right.

So there you have it! The 7-step checklist you need to execute your marketing strategy in the best way.

The main takeaway is that you should build your strategy around the customer’s journey and focus on producing high-quality content. And with the help of this checklist, you can ensure that everything is optimized.

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