3 Reasons why you are not getting enough leads

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One of the main reasons why businesses fail is because they totally ignore the fact that they need to constantly have some sort of inbound marketing in place. Few are those that survive without any online or offline marketing efforts. In no way, this means that if you do inbound marketing you are bound to be successful, but it definitely increases the likely hood to succeed

But what can we learn from the colossal amount of failure in inbound marketing that we can apply to our own business?

In this article, I will share with you three reasons why businesses fail, and more importantly, what you can do to avoid this from happening to you.

1. Lack of Brand Awareness

Failure happens when businesses think their products or services will sell on their own.

A big chunk of your target audience does not even know they have a problem or a need yet.

These audience segments are perfect prospects for you, but they are completely unaware that you and your products or services even exist.

Businesses fail when they start shooting ads at people without getting across the right message and they try to sell before creating a connection.

There is a lot of competition out there and consumers can easily inform themselves nowadays, and as you know, they are not going to believe in just your promises.

Brand awareness drives consumers’ decisions when differentiating amongst competitors. It encourages repeat purchases, leads to an increase in market share, and revenue growth.

When done right, brand awareness can also educate your prospects by creating connections between your offer and your audience’s problems and needs.


A successful inbound marketing strategy requires a complete understanding of your potential customers.

If you want to avoid this mistake, you need to identify the type of information your audience needs to make a purchase decision.

You must always show how much you understand their problems and how qualified you are to solve them.

Before trying to sell something, concentrate your efforts on creating awareness by providing insights to help them find solutions.

2. Not Following the Buyer’s Journey

The buyer’s journey is the active research process a potential buyer goes through leading up to their purchase and beyond.

Many marketers fail to understand how their audience make decisions. They forget to identify the different stages of this journey and how it affects the entire sales process.

The way we describe our products, produce content or talk to our clients, have an effect on how we can push them forward towards choosing your brand, product or service.

Once you are able to identify how customers are making decisions, you can easily change the tone of your marketing messages, create laser-focused content and entice them with attractive offers.


If your inbound marketing is not working, most likely it is because you’re missing a key factor: THE MESSAGE.

If you want to stay away from this flaw, it is very important to consider developing a deeper insight into your target audience, who they are and the things they care about.

Accurate messages come from creating buyer personas, gathering reliable information from competitors and from practical methods that track consumer behaviour on different channels and markets.

After analysing all the gathered insights and data, you will be able to identify the right content, channels and tools to guide your target audience through their decision-making process faster and easier.

Indeed, the buyer’s journey is something vital for business growth.

As you learn to map out the customer’s behaviour at each stage of the journey, you will become a master in lead generation and increasing sales for your business.

3. Not Nurturing the Audience

Getting the email address of your prospects is an important transaction in your sales cycle.

Many marketers fail to estimate the real value their prospect’s contact information has.

Most people won’t easily give their contact details unless they know that they are going to get something valuable in return.

Businesses fail when they don’t deliver real value to their target audience in exchange for their contact information.

Again, the sale process should be about how your customers can benefit from your offer and not about what you are offering.


To avoid this problem you need to think in advance about what you are going to offer to get your target audience excited to sign up.

Be ultra-specific to the people you want it to attract, the number of leads you generate will be directly tied to the quality of the proposition you make.

Here are some highly valuable content ideas and offers you can share with your prospects to gain their trust and increase your brand’s perceived value.

  • • Guide/report
  • • Cheat sheet
  • • Toolkit/resource list
  • • Video training
  • • Free trial
  • • Discount
  • • Quiz/survey
  • • Assessment/test

Keep it simple but high on quality, and make sure that your content can be easily digested.

Inbound marketing is not as hard as many think, however it requires planning, dedication consistency and impactful distribution to start seeing a positive return.

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