We’re a digital video agency

specialising in tailor-made animated videos and video marketing strategies for brands and businesses.

 Our simple but effective formula that gets the results you want!

1 – Define Strategy

We understand what the client’s needs are, define the objectives, design the strategy and define how we will measure the campaign’s performance.

2 – Create video

We produce video content that clearly and effectively communicates your message.


3 – Measure and optimize

We launch the video, measure it and optimize it until it gets the results our clients want.

With more than 5 years of experience, we create effective strategies that help businesses communicate values, offers, products and services. What we provide for our clients works for our business. Let’s make it work for yours!

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Our clients:

What our clients say:

"We have worked with Room4 Media on several occasions. Their work is thorough with an attention to detail from the planning stages to completion of every project. They are impressively creative and innovative, using cutting edge technologies and ancillary services to obtain outstanding results and audio-visual impact. We shall continue using Room4 Media as they always have fulfilled our expectations and outdone their competition."

− DaVinci Hospital management

"Room4 Media has been by our side for the past 5 years, as a natural result of good work quality and clear communication. They always understand our foggy ideas of Motion Graphics concepts we would like to be done, and their first delivery is always spot on. We can only give our best recommendations if you need a perfect result, every time."

− Jakob A, CTO - Webproof

"We are extremely satisfied with the services offered by Room4 Media. Room4 Media are totally dedicated to their clients. They make it a point to understand the clients’ needs and expectations and come up, together with the client, with creative ideas so that these expectations are met. The team is very reliable and listen to their clients. The team is also very professional, delivering high quality products on time and within the agreed budget. We certainly recommend prospective clients to trust Room4Media and we will certainly continue to make use of their services."

− WG - TheSynapse.net

"Can't find a better example of professionalism and quality in the field. Top marks in all respects!"

− Albert S, Head of Design - Proximity (London)

"Jeff is a hard working and creative individual. I had the pleasure of working with him in several projects during my time at HMX Media and would highly recommend him and Room4 Media to any company creating visual media."

− Isabel, Producer - HMX media